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Our environmental work

At Furuly Turbuss, our vision is to deliver safe and good experiences with high quality for our customers. We also add that we have a special focus on the environment in our company. We aim to ensure the most environmentally friendly delivery of our transport, and that the company's impact on the external environment is reduced. 


Our overall goals

Through our environmental policy, we have set some overall goals for the HSE work in Furuly Turbuss AS:

  • to think of the environment as a natural and integral part of daily operations  

  • to satisfy environmental requirements and regulations from public authorities

  • to ensure a good working environment and an everyday life where the employees thrive

  • to always consider whether there are environmentally friendly alternatives that can be used

  • to have an Eco-Lighthouse handbook that provides good guidelines for daily activities  

  • to always have safety as the most important assessment factor 

Environmental lighthouse certified

Logo miljøfytårn.png

Since 14 October 2021, Furuly Turbuss AS has been certified as an Eco-Lighthouse company.  

We are very proud of that. Do you have any questions about our work with the environment? Feel free to contact us. 

The environmental lighthouse Furuly Turbuss

As an important part of our environmental work, we have decided to certify Furuly Turbuss AS as an environmental lighthouse. Miljøfyrtårn is Norway's most used environmental management system, and a recognized national environmental certification scheme. Every year, we prepare an environmental and climate report that describes our work with just this. You can read the report for 2020 by clicking here 

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